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Renting caravans in Elche

You don’t know what type of caravan to rent?

We can help you out. We can tell you what type of caravan will best fit you depending on your needs.

It is a nice, simple and complete way of travelling. Both your motor home and your caravan, that is why our service of caravan renting is always on high demand. Travelling by caravan will be an amazing experience for you and your family.

Don’t think more about it and if you are interested on renting caravans Parking Castilla is what you need. Among all vehicles in our enclosure, and more especifically those who love caravaning, motor homes are the most common. Basically the differences between them are mobility and availability, or not, of a vehicle that could carry it. What is more, this vehicle must have a hook.

Both caravans and motor homes are presented as a nice option to spend your holidays. The caravans are families favourite as they can install their home wherever they would like to be, generally in a camping. Motor homes instead offer a higher autonomy and mobility as they are great if you just want to be free to move around places.

Travelling by caravan is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience, an adventure affordable to anyone.

Travelling by caravan offers you freedom, and you will be able to explore the area while counting on the security and the amenity of carrying everything you need with you. Adventurers are very lucky as they will be able to enjoy this experience for less than they think.






Low/Mid Season Low Season Mid Season Peak Season
From 3 to 6 days From 7 to 14 days From 15 to 29 days From 30 days From 7 to 14 days From 15 to 29 days From 30 days Up to 14 days From 15 to 29 days From 30 days
2 Seats 115 100 95 90 105 100 95 135 120 100
4 Seats 125 110 105 100 115 110 105 150 135 110
4 Hymer 155 140 135 130 145 140 135 180 165 140
6 Seats 175 140 135 115 160 155 120 185 170 145
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