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Parking and prices

Different prices to fit the needs of our clients.

We have more than 300 parking slots to make sure you will always have a safe space to park your vehicle.

Remember, maximum security and quality in Parking Castilla.

With roof: C/T  | Roofless S/T

Motorbikes 25€

Private cars 40€

Vans S/T 45€

Vans C/T 45€

Little trucks 50€

Medium trucks 65€

Large trucks 90€

Trailers 190€

Trailer load S/T 30

Trailer load C/T 40€

Small trailers (vans) 30€

Caravans S/T 36€

Caravans C/T 41€

Rowboats up to 6 meters S/T 40€

Rowboats up to 6 meters C/T 45€

Rowboats up to 7 meters S/T 45€

Motor homes S/T 45€

Motor homes C/T 50€

21% of taxes included

Ask for a quotation without any compromise

In Parking Castilla we know that both caravans and vehicles that are in our parking have a huge value for all of our costumers. Most of the time families spend their holiday in these vehicles and they are an important part in their lifes. That is why we compromise to take care of your vehicles as if it was ours.

If you wish to travel to Elche, you could use our caravan parking in Elche wether it is your departure point or you want us to look after your caravan for a long period. We have different spaces and prices that fit your needs.

Our parking counts on constant surveillance. In our enclosure there will always be a member of our staff watching over the security of your vehicle. Furthermore we have the most modern surveillance equipment.

We have mainteinance and reparing services so that your vehicles are always in great conditions. We are in an excellent location in the area of Levant, which makes our parking a perfect departure point.

Remember, if you need us to look after your vehicle for a long period, we have offers and special prices.
Take advantge of our launching offer and leave your vehicle in good hands.

Your vehicles will always be safe, ready to use and in perfect conditions in Parking Castilla, your caravan parking in Elche.

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